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What can a small hotelier do to compete with large hotel chains and attract online customers? DerbySoft has the answer—One. It’s the only solution that independent hotels, B&Bs and guest houses need to manage all aspects of online distribution. From your property’s descriptive and visual content to channel management, content management, website builder, booking delivery, and more, One login does it all at low, monthly pricing.

Metasearch Hotel Marketing Services with Click

Want to convert metasearch customers and increase direct bookings through your hotel group’s website? Click, DerbySoft’s metasearch hotel marketing service, does it for you. Forget about the hassle and risks of managing the complicated bidding process, because Click automates it. You avoid high OTA commissions on every direct booking that results from Click. Designed for global and regional hotel groups, Click helps some of the biggest chains in the hotel business maximise their metasearch effectiveness.

Custom Connectivity for the Hospitality Industry Contact us for more information

Build is the ultimate custom connectivity solution for the hotel industry. Build’s connectivity technology, the hallmark of DerbySoft’s service to large global hotel chains and major distributors, handles all data delivery methods currently in use. Build is faster to market, far more flexible in terms of data structures and delivery methods, and typically outperforms direct connections in response times. It’s no surprise that all of the top ten global hotel groups and their largest demand partners rely on Build for their highest-volume, mission-critical connections. Find out what makes Build the industry benchmark.

Streamlined connectivity Contact us for more information

Originally developed as a way for smaller distributors and large hotel groups to connect quickly and easily, Go is now also offering suppliers a faster, simpler way to connect. You’ll no longer need to wait for your turn in the integration queues or be obligated to a high volume level to justify connectivity. Go gives you a choice of using its API or simply working in the cloud with an online account. Get started with Go to begin business with all of your partners sooner and at a lower cost.