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Click by DerbySoft

Automated bidding manager

Click offers a bidding mechanism with the Metasearch Manager tool to simplify trying to manage multiple channels that all require a bid for position.

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Developed using state of the art algorithm technology, you can:

Apply automated functions for an individual hotel or channel

Apply automated functions across an entire portfolio of hotels, brands, channels, and points of sale

Apply various rules and strategies

Use a combination of different bidding groups to reach goals


  • Manage campaigns from a granular or manual level.
  • Use the automated features of the system to submit bids
  • Control all your campaigns from within a single application
  • Manage budgets
  • Adjust strategies to reach your goal

Click to fit your needs

Do you want to be in the first position each time, every time?

We can make that happen.

Is your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) the key objective?

We can do that too!

Does your high-end luxury resort have a different goal than your limited service hotel?

We can accommodate that, along with many other strategies based on your marketing and budget plans.

Bid for position auction controls for an ever-expanding list of metasearch channels

Bids can be controlled manually, or by applying channel-specific bid automation tools.

Budgets can be monitored and controlled by channel, by hotel, or by a combination of the two. The system allows you to easily see the current pacing, and will send automated alerts as you approach your budget limits.

The campaigns will even be paused automatically if you reach 100%.

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