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Metasearch Management

Our industry-leading MetaSearch Manager tool enables hotel companies and their digital marketing agencies to better optimise a wide range of marketing channels.

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The MetaSearch Manager application includes a full complement of customisable analytics to:

Connect to the various channels and manage all campaigns together

Access high level data on clicks, bookings, publishing costs

Easy-to-use comparison data

Granular details on each campaign


  • Cross-channel optimization
  • Lower costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Control budgets
  • Meet your marketing objectives

The MetaSearch Manager tool was built with the user in mind and allows individuals to customise their dashboards based on their unique needs. Here are a few examples of the reporting widgets available within the application…

The Channel Summary widget provides an overview of your cross-channel performance.

Select specific data elements to compare across multiple channels, or view a chart with all the details.

This customisable Top Bidding Groups widget allows you to see which group has the best/worst performance at a glance.

Daily Performance trends are a key metric when optimising your metasearch campaigns.

The Country Summary widget provides a heat map to quickly identify top and bottom results. Discover:

  • Traffic sources
  • Conversion rates
  • Highest CPC
  • Lowest COS
  • More important metrics

These are just a few of the powerful widgets within Click’s MetaSearch Manager tool.

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