Our Team

Ted Zhang

CEO & Co-founder

Ted has spent almost 20 years focused on the intersection of travel distribution and the technology that supports it, and since co-founding DerbySoft, he has guided our company's remarkable growth. Ted is a frequent speaker at industry events and is often consulted for his opinions on the travel industry in China. He commutes between Shanghai and Silicon Valley where he enjoys spending time with his family. Side note: Ted is the best badminton player at DerbySoft!

Feng Ou

CTO & Co-founder

Feng has worked in travel distribution for almost 20 years, and he has been DerbySoft's technology visionary from the beginning as well as the architect of some of DerbySoft's most fundamental systems. Feng's background includes stints on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and he commutes between Shanghai and his home in Dallas where he and his family recently moved. Side note: Feng designed and built some of the earliest derivatives trading platforms!

Keith Cotton

SVP Global Business

Keith has been involved in the electronic distribution of hotels from the early days, and his past includes stints at IHG, Pegasus, Alltius PAR, and HBSi before he arrived at DerbySoft, where he's been instrumental in building the team outside of China from two people to more than sixty. A regular at various industry events, Keith seems to know nearly everyone. Side note: Keith grew up in the Panama Canal Zone!

Quentin Moores

VP Marketing Services

Quentin's career has always been involved in hotel distribution in one way or another, so it has prepared him well for developing DerbySoft's marketing and metasearch services. He's a very visible face for DerbySoft and often appears on panels or speaks at conferences. Side note: Quentin just realized his long-time dream of moving to Colorado!

Rachel Neal

VP Connectivity

Rachel joined DerbySoft as the third employee outside of China. Her 15-year history in the industry includes a long stretch at Pegasus as well as stints at Travelweb, Cendant, and Orbitz in a variety of engineering/technical roles. Now heading the Connectivity business unit, Rachel began with DerbySoft with a focus on implementations, and she has also been the primary or contributing author of a number of industry white papers. Side note: Rachel recently jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!

Andre Baljeu

VP Hotel Platform

Based in Germany, Andre comes from Australia and has a long history in the hotel industry including significant time at Marriott supporting properties throughout Europe. He was excited to join DerbySoft and lead the development of a completely new platform to serve individual properties and small hotel groups. Side note: ask Andre about the newest member of his family... (hint: four legs and fur)!

Dario Gonzalez

VP Enterprise Architecture

Dario has contributed to the advance of hospitality distribution in a number of ways over the years. One example is that while he was at IHG, he co-developed with DerbySoft a method called change discovery service (CDS) that greatly reduces the number of messages required to maintain data accuracy between platforms, and CDS is now a part of the Open Travel specification. Dario heads up DerbySoft's data initiatives from his Atlanta home. Side note: Dario loves St. Petersburg, Russia!

Wei Xia

VP New Products

Wei came to DerbySoft with a deep technology background and has lived in San Francisco, Ann Arbor, College Park, Boston, and Singapore. Wei was the innovator behind DerbySoft's Metasearch Manager platform and continues to explore new ways to support DerbySoft's partners through various marketing technologies. He now lives in Shanghai with his family. Side note: Wei is an audio book fanatic!

Jin Zhou

VP China Business

Jin has a long history at DerbySoft having joined the team in 2002. His background includes many years at China United Travel as Director of the Shanghai office and later as a VP, and he has been instrumental in bringing almost 1,000 Chinese properties onto DerbySoft's China Hotel Platform. He is based in Shanghai. Side note: On weekends you're most likely to find Jin hiking up a mountain!