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September 29, 2016

How to attract more direct business and successfully compete with the big chains Understanding metasearch is a must if you want to keep up with competitors and grow your revenue as an independent hotel or small hotel group. So, what are the insider secrets to metasearch marketing and what can we learn from the industry […]


June 14, 2016

The game-changing way for small hoteliers to manage hotel distribution ​ Watch Video Request Free Earlybird Access Our easy to use features mean you can spend more of your time being a great host Free core modules Clever tools that continue to be free forever! Content Management Update your information across all One modules in […]


June 14, 2016

DerbySoft’s metasearch hotel marketing service, Click, is the most effective way to reach and convert consumers on metasearch engines and increase direct bookings through your hotel website. Managing metasearch campaigns is complicated, rife with potential pitfalls, and can be enormously time-consuming. Click helps clients simplify the complexities, dodge the pitfalls, and spend far less time […]


June 14, 2016

Build is a custom connectivity platform for hotels and their distributors. It provides fast and accurate communication to all clients, regardless of their geographic location. As a connectivity platform, Build also offers an alternative to building a direct connection with each of your partners in the hospitality business. Why use a connectivity provider? Hotel suppliers […]


June 14, 2016

Go is DerbySoft’s connectivity service for small and mid-sized distributors, and it offers quick, easy access to hotel suppliers’ rates and availability. Connect once to Go and you’ll bypass the long connection queues that most suppliers maintain and get to market with one or more of them as soon as you are ready. Go offers […]