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Build is a custom connectivity platform for hotels and their distributors. It provides fast and accurate communication to all clients, regardless of their geographic location.

As a connectivity platform, Build also offers an alternative to building a direct connection with each of your partners in the hospitality business.

Why use a connectivity provider?

Hotel suppliers and distributors once considered direct connections to be the holy grail—no middlemen and no extra costs.

But here’s the reality of direct connections:

  • Major technical hurdles are common
  • Build-time is usually many months or even years, often resulting in a queue
  • Ongoing maintenance is expensive

Using the right connectivity provider offers faster time-to-market and a reduction in internal costs in comparison to direct connections, and it often results in greater functionality. In many cases, the technical incompatibilities between platforms can be so great that a connectivity provider is not a choice, but a necessity.

Why DerbySoft?

DerbySoft has a long history of providing the most flexible, customisable, highest performance connectivity to the hospitality industry. Our response times and data accuracy are unmatched and embody our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Our knowledge of the most sophisticated, full pattern, length of stay-based systems is as deep as that of systems structured on daily rates. As a result, we can connect partners with vastly different data structures and help them do business with each other.

Just a handful of connectivity providers exist, and among that group:

  • We’re the only company to serve all of the top 10 global hotel groups.
  • We’re the only company to build the highest-volume, mission-critical connections between global hotel groups and the largest demand partners like and Expedia.
  • We lead the way in innovation, such as with Change Discovery Service, now a part of the Open Travel Alliance standard, developed by our personnel.

Features and functionality

Build routinely handles all combinations of every data delivery method currently in use, including push, pull, hybrid, and Change Discovery Service.

Build technology offers:

  • Unlimited, totally customised configurations
  • Fastest time to market
  • Fastest message response times regardless of geography
  • Highest accuracy
  • Smallest load on the CRS
  • Customised dashboards and reports


The value of Build resides in our technology, and also in the support that we provide. The support systems that we’ve built and the caliber of the people on our team reflect what it takes to properly support the largest players in the industry. As a result, all of our partnerships benefit, and our relationships with our partners continue to grow. Our support service includes:

  • Innovative, problem-solving engineers
  • Dedicated Client Managers and support teams
  • The most partner-oriented approach
  • The least bureaucracy

Read more about DerbySoft connectivity by numbers:

  • Nearly 1,000 servers around the globe—fast response time, no matter where you’re located
  • Around 10 billion data points maintained continually and accurately
  • 259 pairings (connections between a supplier and a demand partner)
  • 0.33 milliseconds average response time
  • No rate code limitations
  • No room type limitations
  • 77,000 unique properties; 180,000 property instances

Remzi Aru from x-Adapt tells us why he uses Build by DerbySoft.

Contact us to learn more!

Build is a fully customised service, so the costs vary based on a number of factors. Please contact us for more information — we would love to learn about your needs, explore how we might help, and discuss next steps.

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Build FAQs

My platform is set up on a ____ (push, pull, hybrid, etc.) model—can you work with us?

Yes! We regularly work with every possible data delivery model. We also regularly convert one model to another to support two partners that want to do business with each other.

Are there any limitations regarding the booking processes that you support?

No limitations… one step, two step, booking request, booking notification, it’s all in a day’s work for DerbySoft. We can also help with creative solutions when two partners’ processes don’t match up well.

How long does it take to get connected?

For our fully custom connectivity, we generally aim for 6-8 weeks to connect a new partner to our platform, connect them to their pilot partner, and certify the connection. However, as with any process that involves multiple parties, sometimes things take longer, but DerbySoft is rarely the bottleneck. Once a partner is connected and certified, the addition of subsequent partners can happen in around 4 weeks.

How reliable are your servers?

Our servers are very reliable and have never gone down completely. DerbySoft’s distributed platform includes DerbySoft’s own hardware server clusters on different continents supplemented by AWS servers around the world. This means that even if a server does go down, its functions are automatically shifted to another DerbySoft server.

How confident should I be of DerbySoft’s connectivity services?

Our largest partners place enormous trust in us for some of the largest connections, volume-wise, in the world. That trust continues to be earned by us and the services that we provide, every day.

We’re proud of the systems we put into place to learn from and minimise human errors. We’re especially proud of our response when, despite our best efforts, something happens on our end that negatively impacts one of our partners. If an issue is critical, we treat it that way, regardless of whether the actual problem is at the supplier’s end, the distributor’s end, or within our platform.