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Metasearch challenges solved for hotel groups of all sizes

Click includes a simple time-saving metasearch management tool as part of our full metasearch marketing service.

How it works

DerbySoft’s solution not only quickly connects CRS data and content with metasearch engines, but also allows the supplier to manage, analyse and optimise the marketing campaign including automated bidding.

Click is unique in aggregating three cutting-edge technologies


Maintains your rates and availability with the metasearch engines, quickly and accurately.

DerbySoft’s industry leading connectivity solution syncs and caches hotel content, rate and availability data with a single connection to a CRS through XML interfaces. DerbySoft then makes this data available to all the metasearch engines connected to its proprietary metasearch platform.


Shields your system from the millions of hits generated by the metasearch engines.

The rapid growth of metasearch engines is challenging hotel CRSs to keep up with ever increasing shopping volumes. DerbySoft’s Smart Cache solution buffers the CRS by responding to a large volume of shopping queries in milliseconds, while reducing stress on the hotel company’s CRS by as much as 80%.


Easy to use, powerful, automated bidding technologies and tools.

Simultaneously running large scale online campaigns across multiple metasearch engines can be complicated. DerbySoft’s MetaSearch Manager makes it easy to effectively manage these campaigns with full control and visibility.


  • Reduce high-commission OTA bookings

    Every booking that avoids a 20% commission to an OTA represents a 25% boost to your revenue from that booking.

  • Increase direct bookings

    Listings of a hotel’s own website in metasearch results is key to increased direct bookings.

Direct bookings allow you to:

  • Own the guest pre/post stay relationship

    Add value to your website with inbound link traffic

  • Grow your outreach to a wide range of metasearch channels

    These include Google,Wego, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Kayak and Trivago.

  • Gain insight from experienced Digital Marketing Managers and analytics tools

    Experts in metasearch and MetaSearch Manager are available to every Click client.

About Metasearch

Metasearch channels impact a high percentage of travel searches, making them a critical part of your distribution strategy.

We originally designed and built MetaSearch Manager, the tool suite at the heart of Click, to address these aspects of metasearch hotel marketing for one of our global hotel partners, so we know it works.
Not sure if you have the budget? Metasearch can actually save you money because we’ll make sure that your total distribution costs for direct bookings that result from metasearch are less than what they would have been had those bookings come through OTAs. We also work to several payment models and will happily explore the best option for your needs.

Want to find out more? We can help you better understand metasearch and its potential impact on your business. Contact us for a no obligation call or email to discuss your needs in more detail

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