Metasearch Hotel Marketing Services with Click

DerbySoft’s metasearch hotel marketing service, Click, is the most effective way to reach and convert consumers on metasearch engines and increase direct bookings through your hotel website.

Managing metasearch campaigns is complicated, rife with potential pitfalls, and can be enormously time-consuming. Click helps clients simplify the complexities, dodge the pitfalls, and spend far less time managing it all. More importantly, every direct booking that results from Click is one less high-commission OTA booking.

What is metasearch and why is it important?

Metasearch is the way consumers perform quick price comparisons for hotel accommodations online. Why is it so important to hotels? Because it opens the opportunity for direct booking.

Why is direct booking better?

OTAs charge commissions, often 20% or more, on bookings made through them. Direct bookings made on the hotel website, however, have no such fees. Every booking that avoids a 20% commission to an OTA represents a 25% boost to your revenue from that booking.

Direct bookings also allow you to own the guest pre/post stay relationship, and add value to your website with inbound link traffic.

Why is metasearch important?

With metasearch, customers search for hotels, unconcerned about who provides the booking.  Listings of a hotel’s own website in metasearch results is key to increased direct bookings.

Metasearch channels impact a high percentage of travel searches, making them a critical part of your distribution strategy.

How valuable is metasearch hotel marketing?

The value of metasearch marketing becomes clear when you consider the ways customers book hotel rooms.

  • Organic – 10%
  • Online Travel Agency – 45%
  • Metasearch Engine – 45%

Organic – High revenue retention but low traffic

Some customers book directly with their favorite hotel chain by visiting the hotel website. For hoteliers, this is the best scenario because it’s completely free of commission. However, only a small fraction of bookings occur with this type of brand loyalty.

Online Travel Agency – High traffic and booking rate but high cost

Many consumers book hotels using their favorite OTA, perhaps because of loyalty points, usability of the website, or just good past experience. Popular OTAs generate large volumes of traffic and bookings, but commission rates make this costly.

Metasearch engine – High traffic and success with Click

Many other consumers rely on metasearch engines to search for accommodation. Once they select a hotel, they choose from multiple booking options usually dominated by the OTAs. Unless the hotel has a way to keep the metasearch engine updated with accurate rates and also manage and optimize bidding, the hotel’s website will never appear as a booking option.

This is where Click comes in – helping you compete with the OTAs.

Features and functionality

Click is unique in aggregating three cutting-edge technologies:

  • Connectivity 
    Maintains your rates and availability with the metasearch engines, quickly and accurately
  • Caching 
    Shields your system from the millions of hits generated by the metasearch engines
  • Control 
    Easy to use, powerful, automated bidding technologies and tools

With our experienced Digital Marketing Managers and the analytics tools included in our service, you’re ready to take on the OTAs.

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Most metasearch engines send all consumer queries for rates and availability to all suppliers. They then collect all the data received and present it to the consumer.

This happens for every single query from every single customer on the numerous metasearch engines available online. For some suppliers it amounts to tens of millions of hits each day, a load that can severely stress or even bring down the supplier’s system.

Click’s powerful caching technology absorbs all of this traffic and responds to each query with high speed and high accuracy, so it never hits your servers.


This is the set of bidding technologies and tools that enables you to effectively compete with the OTAs for coveted spots in metasearch results.

Click’s controls are easy to use, powerful, and granular. Set a goal of a specific position within the booking options or set a goal of a specific return on ad spend, and our algorithms will do the hard work of calculating in real time and executing the bids automatically.

Click provides:

  • Bidding campaign management
  • Budgeting
  • Return on ad spend or positioning goals
  • Branding
  • Share of voice optimization
  • Market share
  • Click volume
  • Analytics

We originally designed and built MetaSearch Manager, the tool suite at the heart of Click, to address these aspects of metasearch hotel marketing for one of our global hotel partners, so we know it works.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our team of Digital Marketing Managers—experts in metasearch and MetaSearch Manager—is available to every Click client.

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Click FAQs

We think metasearch is important to our business, but we’re not sure—can you help us?

We’d love to help you better understand metasearch and its potential impact on your business.

Is it going to cost a lot?

Metasearch can actually save you money because we’ll make sure that your total distribution costs for direct bookings that result from metasearch are less than what they would have been had those bookings come through OTAs.

What payment model do you use?

We work on several models and will happily explore with you what makes the most sense for you.

Is it essential to have a CRS or PMS?

Yes, you need some platform that stores your rates and availability so that we can get that information and keep it updated on the various metasearch engines.

Which metasearch engines have bidding?

Google, Kayak, TripAdvisor, Trivago, and Wego all currently utilize bidding.

Does your platform bid for position or bid for a target ROAS (return on ad spend), and which is better?

Our platform can bid for either, and which is better really depends on your goals. We’ll work with you and help you through the decision process.