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Channel Manager

One’s Channel Manager module enables you to efficiently manage all of your room types, rates, availability and restrictions for all chosen distribution channels in one place, and in real-time.

We offer a growing partner network of:

  • Leading Online Travel Agents (OTAs)
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Partnering channels with built in rules for auto-mapping
  • Marketing and e-commerce channels

Seamless two-way connectivity creates One place to:

  • Reduce risk of over-bookings
  • Sell all your rooms on all your chosen channels all of the time
  • Pool your inventory shared amongst all chosen channels
  • Update all your inventory across all your channels
  • Maintain and manage your dynamic and static content, images and descriptions

Add distribution channels in One place:

  • Choose partnership channels and sign up with ease
  • Manage online distribution in one simple-to-use interface
  • Create auto-mapping with built-in rules for partnering channels
  • Gain total control using “big hotel-management” tools such as
    channel performance management
  • Receive expert advice to best manage your inventory across
    selected channels

Easy, self-serve channel additions

  • Activate a new channel in minutes by yourself
  • Easily map your rooms without intervention
  • Go live immediately without customer service needing to make updates

Use creative reporting:

  • Build reports on your channel distribution performance
  • Report on which channels yield the best bookings
  • Create trend reports over time which will assist with your rate and inventory strategy
  • Understand where your most successful distribution partners are and how to be successful