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Metasearch Manager

Coming soon to the One platform

One by DerbySoft will soon announce a partnership with a leading metasearch engine to offer a simplistic way to market our independent hotel.

Why is metasearch so important for independent hoteliers?

Metasearch is the way consumers perform quick online price comparisons

To increase your chance of a direct booking your website needs to appear in that listing

A high percentage of bookings are made via these travel searches

It enables you to stand out amongst the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Ensuring your hotel is listed on metasearch channels should be a crucial part of your distribution strategy because it enables you to reduce the number of commissions you pay.

How will One’s metasearch module help you increase direct bookings?

If your hotel’s website isn’t listed as a booking option on a metasearch engine, you can’t expect the consumer to book directly with you.

  • Direct bookings matter because you don’t have to pay a commission on them
  • Manage and optimise bidding
  • Keep metasearch content updated with accurate rates
  • No need for a PMS or CRS.

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